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Because good tequila should be served "neat:"   No ice, no salt, no lime.

Agave field at G4's distillery

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Now In Our TENTH Year!!

I've discovered good tequila. Rather an odd declaration, wouldn't you say? Not so odd, in that until recently we U.S. Americans really have had little exposure to tequila beyond the over-marketed Jose Cuervo "Gold" Especial stuff. It could be argued that Cuervo Gold really isn't a true tequila- I'm told it's 51% tequila (enough to be able to use the name), and 49% cane sugar alcohol with a little caramel coloring to make it look like a good añejo tequila. No wonder it's what I call "headache juice!"

I know decent scotch whiskies, I know wine (well enough), etc. But I knew nothing of tequila. I figured there HAD to be a better quality variety than what we're used to. Sure, I knew of (and owned) Patron Silver, Sauza, and others, but they weren't that special. What really got me going was receiving a few good bottles at a birthday party. So I started looking in better Mexican restaurants. Sure enough, there IS a whole industry which makes a lot of spectacular tequilas. I've since spent a lot of time learning about and tasting many high-end offerings from many distilleries. One thing I didn't expect was that each tequila has a "personality" all its own. Some taste like you'd think a tequila would taste, some taste like scotch, cognac, etc. Many have flavors in them such as vanilla, fruit, etc. Less than two years into my journey I'd already decided that I prefer good tequila to good scotch. Who'd have thought? I chose a good time to get into tequila- While the industry has been around for many years, it's only now that it's really starting to boom.

If you'd like a tutorial on tequila, please click on "Background," read that page, then keep clicking "Next" for each chapter in sequence. If you're in the San Francisco Bay Area, or will be here the third Saturday of any given month, attend one of our TequilaNeat Talks! You'll have a blast.

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