TequilaNeat - Photo Gallery: Bottle Packing for Flights

Because good tequila should be served "neat:"   No ice, no salt, no lime.

Informal tasting at Tres, San Francisco

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There may be times when you need to transport bottles on airlines. When you do, the last thing you want is for the bottles to break. Broken glass in your suitcase and tequila leaking on your clothes would be horrible, to say noting of the loss of the precious juice. You need a way to pack the bottles securely, and below are four possibiities:
  1. Vinni Bag - Best
    Pros: Best protection, leakproof, folds flat, reusable for years.
    Cons: Takes most space when inflated, expensive (about $25USD each), does not accommodate oddly-shaped bottles well or at all, the inside plastic can cling to paper labels.

  2. Southwest Airlines carrier - 2nd place
    Pros: Cheap ($5USD), great protection, reusable, Fairly good at accommodating oddly-shaped bottles
    Cons: Once inflated, can never DEFLATE, must use tape to reseal, still bulky when empty

  3. Bubble wrap - 3rd place
    Pros: Can shape to anything, cheap, easy to store
    Cons: fairly single-use, need a lot per bottle (should have about 3/4 inch on every surface of bottle)

  4. Wineskin - 4th place
    Pros: Leakproof, folds flat when not in use, cheap.
    Cons: Not much padding, odd-shape bottles hard to fit, will need tape to reseal.

Packed bottles
Southwest carrier (2) comes with a
plastic bag to wrap bottle, to further
leakproof it.
To be fair, the bubble
wrap wouldn't have
tape on it.
All arrived safely!


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