TequilaNeat - Photo Gallery: The Cabinet

Because good tequila should be served "neat:"   No ice, no salt, no lime.

Informal tasting at Tres, San Francisco

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My custom tequila cabinet made and primarily designed by San Jose, CA artist Larry Golden. He worked with me to come up with a finished product that would meet my needs (and desires). He started by supplying four possible design concepts. I took some features from each, and made a composite. As work got underway, we even made some changes. The finished case is similar to what our earlier visions were, but is still quite different. Larry was quite flexible and accommodating, provided a great product, and provided great value.

A cabinet is great, but let's face it- It's there to hold the contents. The really tall bottles (1942, Litres of Corralejo, etc) and the boxes go in the lower cupboards, and glasses and bar tools go in the drawers.



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