TequilaNeat Talks - Tasting and Tequila Appreciation

Because good tequila should be served "neat:"   No ice, no salt, no lime.

Tasting and Tequila Appreciation with Kelly Cash.

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TequilaNeat takes great pleasure in announcing its ongoing series of talks and tastings!

Is it your impression that tequila is a harsh, evil spirit that causes hangovers? These talks are for you! In these talks, we introduce people to wonderful, high-end sipping tequilas that will change your perception of the agave plant's products.
Each two-hour session will discuss different aspects of, and include a tasting flight of tequilas (or other Mexican spirits). The talks are held each month, from 7:00-9:00 pm.

  • The third Saturday of each month, at: Roberto's Cantina, 168 South Murphy Street, Sunnyvale, CA
    (half a block from the Sunnyvale CalTrain station).

Different tequilas or mezcals will be tasted each month. Some months will be a vertical flight, tasting all the profiles from one brand, some months will be a horizontal flight, comparing the same profile of different brands. In addition to the talk and tasting, light appetizers will be included in the admission price. Early-bird price is $25 per person through EventBrite, $30 at the door. Premium appetizers and items from the full menu will also available at additional cost.

TequilaNeat and Roberto's Cantina are proud to feature Tequila Terralta and Mezcal Tosba!

The Talks are featuring something new this month: A talk showing (and tasting!) the differences between the production and products of Tequila and Mezcal. You'll learn how they're made, what makes them similar, and what makes them different. And you'll taste the best each have to offer: Tequila Terralta, and Mezcal Tosba!

Don't Miss It!!

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Please join us for this fun and educational series!


  • Another great night tasting Tequila with good friends at Roberto's Cantina in Downtown Sunnyvale. Thank you Kelly Cash of TequilaNeat. -Bob Greene

  • "If you want to taste a wide variety of tequilas, this is really the way to go. Just sitting at a bar gets a lot more expensive!" -Ernesto Hernandez

  • "Thank you Kelly for a great evening! We will be back for the food and also for the amazing deal and the chance to taste some rare tequila. We will do it again!" Chris Solberg

  • "Fabulous event last night with Don Adolfo of AlquimiaTequila....an extraordinary event with extraordinary tequila!" -Heidi Rank

  • "Kelly Cash put on a lovely event showcasing Alquimia Tequila. I will be back next month for another great talk and more Delicious Tequila. -Katie Riley-Dickson

  • "We all had a great time. Great tequila and great food! Can't wait until next month's!!" -Tony Abadia

  • "Another great evening! Thanks, Kelly!!" -Julio Santos

  • "I really enjoy your talks because you get to really talk, one-on-one with the master distiller or the brand representative and learn about the product. Great job!!" -Hector De La Rosa

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